Studio Policy

For serious learning, I expect you to set aside for conscientious practice (except by prior agreement):
• at least 30 minutes per day of practice (beginning students)
• at least 45 minutes per day of practice (intermediate students)
• at least 60 minutes per day of practice (advanced students)
It is important for students to concentrate fully during your practice time. If necessary to help concentration, the daily practice time may be split up into more than one session.

Festivals and Syllabus
I encourage students to attend and experience the festivals organized by OMTA (Oregon Music Teachers Association). I also encourage students to progress through the OMTA piano syllabus, which works on scales, arpeggios, chord progressions, repertoire, music theory, ear-training, and sight-reading.

Twice a year (December and May), I hold a recital for my piano students.
     Recitals help students to become motivated to learn, gain self-confidence in public, and share their enjoyment of music with others in a friendly setting.
     I hope that all students will participate, except for emergencies and sickness.
     I expect that students will make an effort to perform at their best.
     Please be neat and tidy: no jeans or casual footwear.